Thoseghar Waterfall

Thoseghar Waterfall:

This is one of the best place to visit in rainy season and after that.You can see 2-3 waterfalls there.
This place is around 20 km from satara city.

Route from Pune/Mumbai:
From Mumbai -> pune -> Katraj -> Shirwal -> check for satara exit on the right-> Go inside Satara -> Ask for Sajjangad road
You will reach near a tunnel.The road on right goes to kaas plateau.

The road on the left through the tunnel goes to Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill farms.



Best time to visit
During the months of July, August and September.

Other places to visit:

  1. Sajjangad
  2. Bamnoli village for boating in Shivsagar (Koyna) Lake (10 km ahead from Kas)
  3. Chalkewadi windmills

Thinks to remember:

  • Best time to visit in rainy season till october.
  • In rainy season you can expect crowd so better plan your spots.

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