Maruti Celerio Car Review

Maruti Celerio Car Review:
Celerio car came in market in 2014. It is believed to be replacing two cars in hatchback segment, One is estilo zen and second is Astar.
Maruti has come up with good design with ample space for family of 4 people. On top if it they introduced much awaited Automatic gear feature in Indian Market. It is not truly automatic car hence they call it Automatic Gear Shift Transmission.
Celerio uses K Next with Drive by wire technology engine which is also used in Maruti wagnor.

Maruti Celerio AMT vs Maruti Celerio manual Transmission:

Do you have question in mind which car should i prefer? Well answer lies in your requirement.

If you are looking for mileage, have budget constraint and planing to use car mostly on Highways and rarely in city and you are the only one using the car, then manual transmission is better option.

If you are looking for comfortable drive, use is mostly in city, not bothered about mileage and can afford extra 30-35 k and ladies or any one else will drive, then AMT is better option.

Maruti Celerio car Dimensions:

The dimensions of celerio are 3600 mm in length, 1600 mm in width and 1560 mm in height. Its Wheelbase is 2425 mm and minimum ground clearance is 165 mm. Luggage capacity/Boot space is 235 liters.

Maruti Celerio Car manual mileage/Maruti Celerio AMT mileage
As per Test results of Rule 115 of CMVR,1989 fuel effeciency for manual transmission and Automatic gear shift is 23.1 liters.

Maruti Celerio Price in Pune:

NET ON ROAD PRICE 469105 504262 521435 557503
CONSUMER OFFER -5000 -5000 -20000 -25000
NET ON ROAD PRICE 464105 499262 501435 532503

Maruti Celerio LXI Vs VXI Comparison

Here I am just highlighting the differences between Celerio LXI and VXI variants.
Below are list of accessories that comes with VXI variant:
Chrome grill
Full wheel cover(Lxi has center cap)
Vanity mirror
Day night irvm
Rear luggage shelf
Rear seat 60:40
Central lock
Power window
Tyre size

Maruti Celerio Offers:
Maruti Suzuki changes its offer on monthly basis.
Below are the offers on Celerio variants:
July Month
Celerio Petrol Lxi & Vxi – Cash discount of 5000/-
Celerio Lxi AMT – Cash discount of 20,000/- + Rick support (5000/-)
Celerio Vxi AMT – Cash discount of 20,000/- + Rick support (5000/-)

Comparison of Maruti celerio with other cars:
Maruti Celerio vs Tata Tiago

  • In terms of dimension tiago has more length and width and less in Height.
  • Tiago comes with 1199cc, 3 cylinder engine while celerio has 998 cc engine.
  • Mileage cerified by ARAI for tiago is 23.84 kmpl while for celerio is 23.1 kmpl.
  • Tiago second top model is equipped with lot of features including music system and price is around 4.9 Lakhs.
    while celerio vxi comes around 5 L without music system.

Maruti Celerio Vs Hyundai I10 grand:

  • In terms of dimension Hyundai I10 grand has more length and width and less in Height.
  • Tiago comes with 1200 cc engine while celerio has 998 cc engine.
  • Mileage cerified by ARAI for Hyundai I10 grand is 18.9 kmpl while for celerio is 23.1 kmpl.
  • Grand i10 magna model comes around 5.52 Lakh including discount of (20 k insurance+ 25 k extra) while celerio vxi comes around 5 L with similar features.
  • Hyundai I10 grand has superior interior design, Rear AC vent, Fog lamp and key-less entry in magna model while for celerio you need to add those features.

10 Must Have Car Accessories to buy

Must Have Car Accessories to buy:

Are you planning to buy new car? There are certain accessories that comes with car based on variant.Rest you need to buy.
There are plenty of accessory options available with dealers or outside so making a decision on which accessories to buy becomes quite difficult thing.

For that it is always better to keep must have car accessories list handy. Accessories are something that you can leave without but is always good to have.

Below is the list of must have car accessories for new car:
1.Floor Mat Price (1000 -1500)
2.Seat Cover (3500- 7000)
3.Car Cover (900 – 1400)
4.Side Moldings (1000- 1250)
5.Music System (7000- 13000)
6. Multi-pin car charger(250 -500)
7.Auxiliary Cable
8.Security System (Remote lock/Gear lock/Steering lock)( 4000 – 7000)
9.Reverse alarm or Parking sensor (170 -300) or (5000-6000)
10.Fog Lamp (3500 -4500)

Note: Price range is average range and you can get accessories in higher range as well. The figures are just to give rough idea of price.

Apart from that you can thing about below accessories if budget permits:
1. Car Vaccum cleaner
2. Air Freshner
3. Mobile holder

Every car manufacturing company has set of accessories that they sell on discounted price. I have seen that mostly Maruti Dealer’s have such offers.

I would suggest you should buy electronic accessories like security system, music system from dealer instead of outside as new car comes with warranty.

Sbi launches debit card less instant money transfer facility

Sbi launches debit card less instant money transfer facility:

What is instant money transfer(IMT) faclity?
Instant money transfer is unique way to transfer money instantly to anyone anywhere in india.
The receiver can withdraw money from any SBI IMT enable ATM without using debit card.

This service is available 24/7.

How to register beneficiary for SBI instant money transfer?
1. User first needs to register the beneficiary.
2. In order to register user needs information like name, mobile no and address including pin of the beneficiary.
3. Customer will be required to provide the name and address of the beneficiary via SMS (to 567676) in the format: BREG 98345xxxxx+Name+Address+Pin,i.e, beneficiary’s mobile no., beneficiary’s name, beneficiaries location and location’s PIN number.
4.If customer wants to de-register beneficiary. He needs to send message as UNREG 9912345678,i.e only the mobile number registration.

Steps to perform at ATB for initiating IMT using SBI ATM.
1. At ATM screen, select transfer option
2. Enter debit card PIN
3. Select IMT option
4. SELECT IMT INitiate
5. Enter beneficiary mobile number-10 digits
6. Enter your mobile number-10 digits
7. Enter sender code-4 digits ( to be shared only with beneficiary )
8. Re-enter sender code
9. Enter amount ( in multiples of Rs.100/- and max Rs.10000/-)
10 Select YES or NO on confirmation screen
11. Select account type- Savings/Current
12 After successful IMT initiation a 15 digit IMT ID will be generated and a 4 digit SMS code will be sent to Beneficiary mobile number.

Steps to perform at ATB for IMT status
1. At ATM screen, select transfer option
2. Enter debit card PIN
3. Select IMT option
4. Select IMT status Enquiry
5. Enter 15 digit IMT ID
6. Select account type- Savings/Current

Steps to perform at ATB for Withdrawing amount:
1. Use bottom right FDK/touch screen in idle screen of the ATM against IMT logo
2. Enter Beneficiary mobile number
3. Enter sender code
4. Enter SMS code received on mobile
5. Enter amount (Full IMT amount, partial withdrawal not allowed)
6. Select YES or NO on confirmation screen
7. Collect the cash.

Service charges:
The sender will be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 25/- per transaction.
If IMT amount is not withdrawn:
The IMT lapses and the amount is re-credited to the sender. However, the service charges  are not refunded.


Sinhagad Fort

 Sinhagad Fort:

Sinhagad is very well known fort near Pune for one day picnic spot, for trekking and place to spend time with your loved ones.  One of most popular weekend destination around Pune.

Sinhagad Fort history:
Singhagad Fort was earlier known as Kondana fort.After one the most famous battle at singhad by Tanaji Malusare, one of the sarder of Shivaji Maharaj this fort was recaptured from Mughal.He lost is life in that battle. There is an anecdote that upon hearing of Tanaji’s death, Shivaji Maharaj expressed his remorse with the words: “Gadh aala, panh sinha gela” – “We gained the fort, but lost the lion” It was therefore renamed as Singhagad (lion’s fort).

Sinhagad fort height:
4304 feet from sea level.

How to reach Sinhagad fort:

Singhad is around 28 kilometers from Pune in southwest direction. From Pune you need to travel towards sinhagad road -> Khadakwasla dam -> Singhagad

From Hadapsar we can go via Katraj by pass road -> Katraj -> singhad road -> Khadakwasla dam -> Sinhagad

There is entrance fees at entrance road of singhagad fort of 20/- for 2 wheeler and 50/- for 4 wheeler.


Singhagad fort
Details at fort:

The weather at sinhagad in monsoon season is just beautiful. You will experience mixed climate. You will seen nice greenary all aroud with fog in between and drizzle in between. Singhad fort is also famous for kanda bhaji and onion chatney (40/-) served with it. Apart from that you will get
pitla bhakri (30/-), wange bharit (40/-) brinjal sabji and matki dahi (30/-)

Places to see sinhagad fort:
Kalyan darwaja
Pune Darwaja
Tanaji malusare samadhi
Khadkawasla Dam back water

Kanifnath temple near Pune

Kanifnath temple near Pune
Kanifnath is one the nine naths of Navnath Sampradaya. He is known as Hindu saint and great Mahayogi. He believed in god Dattaterya. This temple is dedicated to him and is believed that he did tapascharya here.

How to reach Kanifnath temple
There are couple of ways to reach this temple
1. Bopdev Ghat via Saswad Katraj by pass road
2. Hadapsar Sawad road(For Trekkers)

First option is good for people who want to reach to temple directly by Bike or Car.
Second option is good for trekking.This is one of the best trekking spot near Pune to go with family or friends.

Bopdev Ghat via Saswad Katraj by pass road
From Pune reach khadi machine chowk on katraj saswad by pass road. If your are coming from katraj side you need to take right and from hadapasr side take left.

You can ask for bopdev ghat. Once you cross bhopdev ghat you will see big board on left for kanifnath temple which reaches to top of the temple.

kanifnath temple

Hadapsar Saswad road(For Trekkers)
For this you need to reach hadapsar saswad road. Move towards saswad. Just before devya ghat there is road on the right side to reach the kanifnath temple base. That road is just before the bhel chai shops on the highway.

You can ask for kanifnath road there. Road is in poor condition. There is parking space at the base of mountain.

kanifnath temple

How much time it takes to reach Kanifnath temple:
It takes around 25 mins from Hadapsar to reach the base of kanifnath mountain.
It is one of best half day picnic spot near pune.
It takes around 30 mins via bopdev ghat from kadhi machine chowk.

There is parking space for cars and bike at the base of mountain. From there it takes around 45 mins to 1 hour to
reach the temple.

Details of Temple and area:
Kanifanth temple is very unique temple where there is small entrance for only men to enter. They have to crawl to get in. Women are not allowed inside. Men have to remove shirt(topless) and leather material if any. Temple is good and clean.

There are small shops for nasta famous for matki bhel.

MSRTC Mobile Reservation App

What is MSRTC Mobile Reservation App:

  1. Maharastra state Road Transport corporation (MSRTC) have come up with bus reservation app for online reservation of MSRTC bus tickets.
  2. This application will enable user to serach and reserve bus tickets for routes covered by MSRTC, in and around Maharashtra.
  3. Booking can be done for A/c and Non- A/c buses like Ordinary, Semi-Luxury, Shivneri and Sheetal.
  4. Payments can be done using Netbanking, Credit cards and Debit cards
  5. To check MSRTC online bus fares.

MSRTC Mobile Reservation App Google Play store location:
MSRTC Mobile Reservation App

How to use MSRTC Mobile Reservation App?

  1. Download the app from google play store using the link above.
  2. Create account by registering yourself on the application.
  3. Login to application.
  4. Enter start location and destination and click Search.
  5. Select the Bus which is convenient to you.
  6. Select the seats by clicking on seat available and Click Next
  7. Now click Pay Now option and pay the ticket price.
  8. You will get confirmation message and email confirmation.

MSRTC App Screenshots:

MSRTC reservation timings:
e-ticket booking / cancellation timings are 00:30 To 23:30 IST.
Cancellation of MSRTC reservation:
The cancellation of E-tickets will be allowed before 4 hours of scheduled departure time from origin OR before preparation of Reservation Chart,
whichever is earlier with effective from 24th December, 2012

MSRTC Phone numbers:
Toll Free: 1-800221250
Phone: 022 23085581

Know your Strengths

एका ऑफिसमध्ये लेडीज रिसेप्शनिस्टची जागा भरायची असते. पेपरला जाहिरात देण्यात येते. कंपनी नामांकित असल्याने अर्जही खूप येतात. ठरलेल्या दिवशी मुलाखती सुरू होतात. बॉस स्वतःच मुलाखत घेत असतो. एकीची मुलाखत चालू असतानाच टेबलावरचा फोन वाजतो. डिस्टर्ब् झाल्याने बॉस त्रासून फोन उचलतो. मात्र तिकडून अतिशय गोड आवाज येतो.
“नमस्कार सर, मी स्वरदा बोलतेय.”
फोनवरचा तो गोड आणि मंजुळ आवाज ऐकून बॉसचा वैताग कमी होतो.
बॉस : “बोला”
“काही नाही. तुमच्या ऑफिसमधील रिसेप्शनिस्टच्या जागेसाठी मलाही यायचंय.”
बॉस : “मग प्रॉब्लेम काय आहे ? इथे मुलाखती सुरू आहेत. तुम्हीही येऊ शकता”
“तेच तर न सर, मलाही यायचंय पण ट्रॅफिक जाममध्ये अडकली आहे. पोचायला उशीर होतोय:”
बॉस : “ओके ओके, या तुम्ही”
इकडे मुलाखत सुरू राहते. अजून एकदोन मुलाखती होतात . पण बॉसच्या कानात त्या स्वरदाचा आवाज गुंजत असतो.
दहा पंधरा मिनिटांनी पुन्हा फोन येतो.
“सर, ट्रॅफिक कमी झालेय मी निघाली आहे. पण प्लिज सर उशीर झाला तर समजून घ्या”
बॉस : “हरकत नाही. या तुम्ही, पण शक्यतो वेळेत या”
पुन्हा तो आवाज ऐकून बॉस विचार करू लागतो. खरेच किती सौजन्यशील मुलगी आहे. फोनवरचा आवाज ऐकताना आपण मंत्रमुगध होतोय. हीच मुलगी परफेक्ट आहे रिसेप्शनिस्ट म्हणून !!
तरी इकडे अजून शिल्लक उमेदवाराच्या मुलाखती सुरूच असतात. पण बॉस आता या मुलाखती औपचारिकपणे घेत असतो. कारण त्याच्यासाठी “स्वरदा” फिक्स झालेली असते. इतक्यात अर्ध्या तासाने पुन्हा फोन येतो.
“सर, मी तुमच्या ऑफिसच्या इमारतीच्या पार्किंगमध्ये आहे. पण गाडी लावायला जागा नाहीये. मी बाहेर रस्त्यावर कुठे जागा मिळतेय का पाहून येतेय. सर प्लिज, त्यामुळे थोडा उशीर होतोय. प्लिज प्लिज”
बॉस : “हरकत नाही. या तुम्ही सावकाश”
आता बॉसला तिला भेटायची, पाहायची उत्सुकता लागून राहते. इतक्या मंजुळ आवाजाची मुलगी, नक्की कशी असेल ? म्यानर्स तर चांगले आहेत. नक्की हिलाच घेऊया.
अजून सात आठ उमेदवार शिल्लक असतानाच एक चिट्ठी घेऊन शिपाई केबिनमध्ये येतो. चिट्ठीवर लिहिलेले असते.
“सर, मी स्वरदा, आलेय तुमच्या ऑफिसमध्ये”
बॉस बाकी उमेदवाराची लिस्ट बाजूला ठेवूंन तिला लगेच आत बोलावतो.
स्वरदा आत येते. आणि sssssss
बॉस एकदम दचकतो. दारात एक सावळी (जवळपास डार्कच कलरची, थोडीशी ग्रामीण ढंग वाटावा अशी “स्वरदा” उभी असते. बॉसचा भ्रम निरास होतो. त्याच्या अपेक्षेत तिची प्रतिमा जरा वेगळीच (आणि सुंदर वगैरे) असते.
स्वरदा बोलू लागते.
“सर, मला माहीत आहे. तुम्ही मला पाहून निराश झाला असणार. तुमच्या अपेक्षे प्रमाणे मी दिसायला सुंदर नाही. ते मलाही माहीत आहे. पण सर, मी इथे येण्याआधी तुमच्या कंपनीची माहिती काढलीय. त्यानुसार इथे बाहेरून येणारे ग्राहक कोणीच नसतात. आपली सर्व कामे फोनवर चालतात. आणि सर फोनवर आवाज लागतो, सौंदर्य नाही. हे तुम्हालादेखील माहीत आहे. आणि अजून एक सर, केवळ सौंदर्य नाही म्हणून आजवर अनेक ठिकाणाचा नकार पचवलाय. यावेळी म्हणून मी थोडा वेगळा विचार केला. आणि ठरवून तुमच्याशी मुद्दाम आधीच तीनचार वेळा फोनवर बोलत राहिले. माझे जे मेन qualification आहे तो आवाज तुम्ही ऐकला. म्हणून तर बाकी उमेदवाराला बाजूला ठेवून तुम्ही आधी मला आत बोलावलेय. आता निर्णय तुम्ही घ्यायचाय सर”
दोन मिनिट निशब्द शांतता.
बॉस : “ते ठीक आहे. पण तरी इथे इतर स्टाफ वेगळ्या स्टाईलमध्ये राहणारा आहे. त्यांना तू आणि तुलाही ते ऑकवर्ड होईल. त्याचे काय ?”
स्वरदा : “मनासारखी अप्सरा तर कुणालाच मिळालेली नसते. तुमचे लग्न झाले असणारच. विचार करून पहा सर,. तुमच्या १००% अपेक्षेसारखी पत्नी आहे का ? पण तरी तुम्ही सुखी होताच न. कारण सहवासाने समोरच्यामधील एखादे वैगुण्य नंतर ते वैगुण्य वाटत नाही सर. तसेच इथल्याचे होईल”
तात्काळ बॉसने ड्रॉवरमधून अपॉईंटमेन्ट लेटर काढले, त्यावर सही केली आणि म्हणाला,
“उद्या सकाळी तू रिसेप्शन टेबलवर मला दिसली पाहिजेस. गुड लक”
डीडी क्लास : आपल्यात उणीव आहे, किंवा आपण कशात तरी कमी आहोत, म्हणून निराश होण्याचे कारण नाही. दुसरा असा एकतरी गुण नक्की असेल जो तुम्हाला विजयी करेल. यशस्वी करेल. त्या “एका” गुणांचा शोध घ्या. नक्की सुखी व्हाल”

MBBS | MBBS Course | Medical Entrance Exam


A medical college offers graduate degree Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Only institutions offering MBBS course in its curriculum are referred to as a Medical Colleges.


  • The minimum requirements for the MBBS course are 50% marks in physics, chemistry, biology and English in the ’10+2′ examinations. For reserved category students the requirement is 40%.
  • To get medical school entry, one needs to give CET exam and All India Medical Entrance Examination.

MBBS admissions are not centralised. The admission requirements differ across universities. Generally, students who attain higher marks in the qualifying examinations and in the Medical Entrance examinations conducted by various agencies are accepted onto the MBBS course.

Professionals holding MBBS, BDS, BAMS BNYS, BUMS, BSMS, BHMS Degrees are referred to by the title of “Doctor” and use the prefix “Dr”.


MBBS has 9 semesters.Each semester of 6 months duration.

I (First) MBBS – 1 year
The pre-clinical course consists of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, and these are the basic subjects of medical students and it lasts for a year

II (Second) MBBS – 1. 5 years
Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Forensic Medicine for one and half years.

III (Final) MBBS – Part I – 1 year
Part I consists of one year, where Social and Preventive Medicine (Community Medicine), Ear Nose and Throat and Ophthalmology form the core subjects.

IV (Final) MBBS – Part II – 1 year
One year of focused training in the four basic clinical subjects, namely: Medicine, Surgery (incl. Orthopaedics), Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

On passing the final MBBS examination, a candidate is awarded provisional registration by the MCI or the State medical council and can start the internship. Permanent registration (license to practice) and the final Medical degree (i.e., MBBS) is given only after successful and satisfactory completion of the Compulsory Rotatory Resident Internship, also called the CRRI.

Internship – 1 year
After successful completion of the MBBS course, one has to compulsorily work in the hospital attached to the medical college or in any other approved hospital allowed in some medical colleges, for a period of one year.

Ajinkyatara Fort


Ajinkyatara is a fort near Satara in the Sahayadri Mountains of Maharashtra, India. It is a 16th Century fort. This fort has historical importance.
The fort is located at Ajinkyatara Mountain, which is 3,300 feet high. As the fort is in the higher altitude, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the entire Satara city.

In 1708, Shahu Maharaj won Ajinkyatara, which remained with the Marathas till 1818. The Ajinkyatara fort is a major historic place of Maharashtra, and was very vital as one could keep watch over the entire South Maharashtra.

This was the place where Tarabai was imprisoned by Shahu.



1. One can reach to this fort by going Rajwada -> Adalatwada -> main gate of the fort
2. Godoli – opposite to Sai baba temple -> ask for road to fort.

Points to see:
There are 2 entrances for Fort.
Temples – Mangalai, Hanuman and Shiva
Tararani Palace
Beautiful view of Satara City, Sanjjangad and Parali area