Kaas Plateau Satara

Kaas Plateau:
The Kaas Plateau is around 23 kilometers from Satara city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were you can see a wide variety of flowers – more than 800 different species – during the months of  August and September.

Official website: http://www.kas.ind.in/

Route from Pune/Mumbai:
From Mumbai -> pune -> Katraj -> Shirwal -> check for satara exit on the right-> Go inside Satara -> Ask for kaas road
You will reach near a tunnel.The road on right goes to kaas plateau.This road steadily climbs and reaches a plateau. After driving for around 15-20 kilometres, you will come to a wide plateau.

The road on the left through the tunnel goes to Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill farms.



Thoseghar & Sajjangad road


Best time to visit:
During the months of August and September.

1. Go to website http://www.kas.ind.in/

2. Scroll below where there is form to register by paying Rs.50 per person on weekdays and Rs.100 per person on Saturday/Sunday and govt holidays.



  • Leave early in the morning to reach early to avoid traffic.
  • Leave early to avoid parking problem.

Kaas Plateau latest photos/ Kaas September 2016

kaas3 kaas2 Kaas1

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