Calories Calculation

Calories Calculation

Daily average intake:

Average daily intake can be anywhere from 1,800-2,400kcals.

What is 1 kg of fat equal to calories?

There are 7,700kcals (kcal=calorie) worth of energy in 1kg of fat. That means in order to burn 1kg of fat, you must have a calorie deficit of 7,700.

1000 Calories Is Equal to How Many Kgs?

1000 calories are equal to 0.129598 kg. Hence, if you have a daily energy expenditure of 1000 calories daily, it will take you around eight days to burn off 1 kilogram of body fat.


Walking 300-400 calories per hour/150 calaries 30 minutes/25 calories in 5 minutes
Cycling 600 calories per hour/300 calories 30 minutes/50 calories in 5 minutes
Jump roping 1000+ calories per hour/500 calories 30 minutes/83 calories in 5 minutes
Running 600 calories per hour/300 calories 30 minutes/50 calories in 5 minutes
Swimming 600 calories per hour/300 calories 30 minutes/50 calories in 5 minutes

Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

The BMR refers to the amount of energy your body needs to maintain homeostasis. Your BMR is largely determined by your total lean mass, especially muscle mass, because lean mass requires a lot of energy to maintain. Anything that reduces lean mass will reduce your BMR.
Your BMR is the minimum number of calories that your body needs to function at rest. You may think you only need energy to exercise or complete tasks, but your body has a specific energy need just to complete basic functions like breathing and regulating your hormone levels.

Your BMR is what energy your body needs to perform basic functions, while RMR is the amount of calories that your body burns while at rest.

Food and calories:

Poha 180-250 calories
Upma 200 calories
Khichadi 655 calories
Rice 150-250 calories
1 glass milk
1 Idli 33 calories
idli (2 pieces), sambar and chutney – 90 calories
Vada pav 290 calories
Burger 295 calories
Pizaa 266 calories
1 Pav 130 calories
Pav Bhaji gives 400 calories
1 slice of Bread 82 calories
A bowl of dry sabzi of bhindi, potatoes or cauliflower :150 calories
Aloo Parantha:210 calories
100 grams of curd contains about 100 calories

BMR calculation example

BMR 1,758 kcal/day
Exercise 3 Mets
Walking distance
4 km =2.5 mile
Calories burned
220 kcal
For 10,000 steps,
82 minutes per day
The METS values are provided by “The Compendium of Physical Activities 2011”.
Calorie(Kcal) = BMR x Mets / 24 x hour

Excess calorie (Average): calorie intake−calorie burned≒300kcal/day
Walking 10,000 steps a day will burn about 300 Kcal.

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