Narayanpur and prati balaji temple ketkawle

Narayanpur is a famous place in Pune region. Narayanpur is famous for their Lord Ek Mukhi Datta. Usually lord Datta has 3 faces but in Narayanpur there is Ek Mukhi Datta. The statue of Lord Ek Mukhi Datta is very beautiful.

Prati balaji temple ketkawle
Prati Balaji- is Replica of the Tirupati Balaji at Ketkawle village near pune. Very beautiful place to visit.Balaji Temple. Uttara Foods, the manufacturer of Venky’s Foods have built this impressive Balaji Temple. The temple gives a good feel of famous south indian temples.

Distance from Pune to Ketkawle temple is 40 km via Katraj ghat.
Distance from Hadapar to Ketkawle temple is 42 km via Saswad
Narayanpur to Ketkawle temple is 10 KM.

Duration of Stay:
Min: 3hrs to 4 hrs are enough if you go early morning.
Max: 1 day

Route and Time taken:
If staying around hadapsar, saswad road
Hadapsar -> Divya ghat -> Saswad -> Take right -> Narayanpur -> after 10 km -> Ketkawla on left.

Another Route: 40km
Reach Katraj -> Khed shivapur -> Nasrapur -> kapurhol -> take left for saswad road -> ketkawla -> narayanpur



We reached there by 8.30. Cleaning staff keeps on cleaning/washing the temple and the premise, keeping it very clean. The temple is very well constructed and the entire design is been carved out of wood and stone. The Laddo Prasad is tasty too, which you get it for free!

Finished the Darshan, had the Prasad we moved on to the Datta Temple. Though small the temple was good. The Datta Idol was impressive. We spent some time sitting there and relaxing and then started our journey back.

Things to remember :

  • Beautiful place to visit in and after rainy season. Try to reach in the morning.
  • Check timing of aarti. I guess around 10:30 am they have aarti.
  • Can also visit Baneshwar near Nasarapur.

Cost of Trip:
Car – 400/-
Breakfast -100/-

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