Trip to Lavasa city from Pune


Lavasa is a private,planned city being built near Pune.

A 25,000 acres or 8,000 acres project being developed by HCC,this as-yet-incomplete city has been controversial for multiple reasons including procurement of land,harm to the environment,and loans acquired through political corruption.
Lavasa Hill City is free India’s first and largest hill city with a sprawling township spread across the 7 hills of the Mose valley. The area is quite close to the major cities of Pune and Mumbai.


Distance between Pune to Lavasa is 65 Kms from Pune and about 200 Kms ( 3.5 hrs) from Mumbai.



Route and time taken:

Hadapsar -> Deccan -> Kothrud -> Chandni Chowk -> Pirangut (left turn) -> Lavasa via (Temghar dam).

There is another route where we need to take left before Pirangut however not sure about road condition.

It is just 1 and half hrs drive from Pune.

Duration Of Stay:
Min – Max : 1 Day – 1.5 Day

Places to Visit:

  1. Lake and beauty of valley
  2. Lava city
  3. Xthrill Adventure Academy for activities like paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, trekking and lots more.
  4. Lakeshore Watersports
  5. Games Arcade for games like  Neo arcade, Electronic darts and Photo play at Neo Spark


From Lavase gate city is 7-8 km. it took around1. 5 hrs to reach the city. There is grand entery gate. No entry fees  required.
There is big japnese garden on left of the road. There is boating point as well. They charge 100/- for  parking. We carried lunch so did not had look for meal options. Reached Pune around 8:30 PM.

Things to Remember:

  • Meals and Accommodation here are expensive.
  • x thrill adventures like rappelling, cycling, trekking 500/- plus.
  • Better to carry lunch if possible.
  • Good to visit in rainy season and after that..
  • Just to give you an idea.. Meal  around 450/-, pizza – 400/-, samosa 30/-, tea- 30/-

Cost of Trip:
Car – 650/-
Parking -100/

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