10 Must Have Car Accessories to buy

Must Have Car Accessories to buy:

Are you planning to buy new car? There are certain accessories that comes with car based on variant.Rest you need to buy.
There are plenty of accessory options available with dealers or outside so making a decision on which accessories to buy becomes quite difficult thing.

For that it is always better to keep must have car accessories list handy. Accessories are something that you can leave without but is always good to have.

Below is the list of must have car accessories for new car:
1.Floor Mat Price (1000 -1500)
2.Seat Cover (3500- 7000)
3.Car Cover (900 – 1400)
4.Side Moldings (1000- 1250)
5.Music System (7000- 13000)
6. Multi-pin car charger(250 -500)
7.Auxiliary Cable
8.Security System (Remote lock/Gear lock/Steering lock)( 4000 – 7000)
9.Reverse alarm or Parking sensor (170 -300) or (5000-6000)
10.Fog Lamp (3500 -4500)

Note: Price range is average range and you can get accessories in higher range as well. The figures are just to give rough idea of price.

Apart from that you can thing about below accessories if budget permits:
1. Car Vaccum cleaner
2. Air Freshner
3. Mobile holder

Every car manufacturing company has set of accessories that they sell on discounted price. I have seen that mostly Maruti Dealer’s have such offers.

I would suggest you should buy electronic accessories like security system, music system from dealer instead of outside as new car comes with warranty.

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