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About Matheran
Matheran is a Hill Station in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is around 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune. It is a popular weekend getaway for urban residents.Matheran, which means “forest on the forehead” (of the mountains) is an eco-sensitive region, declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. There are no vehicles allowed on this hill station.

There are around 38 look-out points in Matheran, which includes beautiful view of sunset and sunrise.

How to reach Matheran from Pune
By Train
The distance betwen Pune and Matheran is around 120 km. From Pune station reach karjat by any express train or local train. Then from Karjat reach Neral by local train. From Neral there are 2 options: 1. Toy Train (75 per person) 2. Taxi (They take 70 per person and 5 people in taxi i.e, omni)

Once you reach Neral there is entry tax at Dasturi naka of 50/- per adult and 25 per child. MTDC resort is the near by hotel to entry point(Dasturi naka). All other private hotels are near market place which is around 2-2.5 km from entry point and takes around 30 mins walk.

By Car:
From Pune -> Lonavla Express highway -> Get off the expressway at khopoli exit -> Ask for Karjat -> From there Neral rd -> Then ask Matheran. Drive from Neral to Matheran is difficult and it is expected that you have good driving skills in hilly region or else hire driver for that part.

Once you reach Neral there is entry point, there is parking area for cars. Park you car there and take your luggage with you. No cars/vehicles allowed from that point. You can carry luggage on horse or ask manual rikshaw to do it for you.

From entry point (Aman lodge) there is another train that takes you to Matheran. Ticket is 45/- per head for adult aand 30/- for child. This train is different from Neral to Matheran train.

Horses at Matheran
Toy train , Horseback and manaul rikshaws are only mode of transport after Dasturi naka. Horse rides are charged from 200 to 750/- person depending upon season and time of the day. If there is heavy crowd they charge more. From Market place or hotel point if you want to visit near by points they have different rates like 150 – 300/- per person for 5 points or 500- 750/- for 12 points..

If you are comfortable to walk i would suggest better take walk and cover only few points. After all where else you would get opportunity to take walk in such pleasant atmosphere.

Few Points to see
1. Echo Point
2. Edward Point
3. Kind Geoge Point
4. Lord Point
5. Louisa Point(view of the Prabal Fort)
6. One Tree Hill Point
7. Alexander Point
8. Rambag Point
9. SUnset Point (Porcupine Point)
10. Surise Point
11. Charlotte lake
12. Pisarnath Mahadev Mandir

Some Snaps:

Monkeys at Matheran

Monkeys at Matheran

Sunset at Matheran

Sunset at Matheran

Hotels we stayed:
1. To stay there, there are plenty of hotels.
2. MTDC ( 1100/- to 5000/-) economy rooms to villa. Website details MTDC Matheran
3. Hotel Parmount (around 2000/- plus) includes meals. They have swimming pool as well.Website details Hotel Paramount
4. There are rooms available on left side while you take walk from Dasturi naka to Matheran. They charge you around 1000/-.

Cost for 2 persons:
1. Hotel – 1000 – 2500/- per day
2. Meals – 550/- (breakfast lunch and dinner)
3. Transport – 1000/- from Pune(train’s and taxi)
4. Entry fee – 100/-
5. Horse rides – 200 -750/- per person

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