Trip to Buleshwar Temple Pune

At Buleshwar there is mahadev temple and is one of the best anciest temple around Pune.The carving on the walls and the structures here are very inspiring. Bhuleshwar temple is a wonderful place for a weekend outing during monsoons or in winters.
It is situated on top of hill and road going there is steep. You need to cross ghat to reach there. After crossing ghat you will see a road to right after few kilometers.
Make sure your vehicle condition is good and have experienced driver.

In shravan month, people do visit this place and you will see small shops for pooja material and pedas. If you are lucky, u can get prasad as well.
You can also plan meal outing there. Bring tiffin from home and can have lunch in Buleshwar vanrai.

Distance from Pune to Buleshwar Temple:
The distance of Pune to Buleshwar Temple is around 60Km. Pune to yavat is 50 KM and from there 10 KM to right. It is on Pune solapur highway. Just 2 Km before Yavat there is right turn for Buleshwar temple. From highway it is 10 Km inside. Keep looking for Buleshwar mandir sign before Yavat.

Buleshwar temple Map:


Bhuleshwar is a nice option for a short half day trip out of Pune.

History of Buleshwar Temple:
Temple was built during the period of 1230 AD during Yadava Rulers. The fort on which the temple is situated is called as Mangalgad. Black basalt rock was brought to construct this temple which is different as compared to surrounding brownish color basalt which has high percentage of calcium.The fort was constructed in 1629 by Murar Jagdev who, in 1630, looted Pune. He then built the fort to keep a watch on the city

Other Option:
Theur Ganpati on Pune Solapur highway.

Things to remember:
To avoid traffic and to reach temples on time, it is better to start your journey early in the morning.
Crowded on shravan sundays and mondays and Mahashivratri.
Bring tiffen from home and can have lunch in Buneshwar vanrai.
As road to temple is small and stiff, make sure person driving has good experience.

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