How to Pay Property tax Online in Pune


    1. Click link
    2. Below page will get opened:


3. In the left panel there is option -> Pay tax online. Click it.

4. After you click it, below page will open:



5. Select the Property Type and enter the Section ID, Peth ID and Account No and click on the SUBMIT Button

6. You should be able see details like
Owner Name
First Owner
Second OWner

7. Enter other Details:

  • Applicant Mobile number
  • Applicant Email ID
  • Choose payement type from the dropdown list
  • Then Click pay online button

8. You will be taken to below page:


Prefer the NET-BANKING option rather than CARD PAYMENT option to save your money and avoid extra charges to pay.

For online Payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash Cards the additional charges to amount due are Visa/
Master Credit/Debit Cards: 1% of Transaction Amount + Service Tax Maestro Cards: 1.8% of Transaction Amount + Service
American Express Cards: 1% of Transaction Amount + Service Tax, Tax Diners : 4% of Transaction Amount + Service Tax, Prepaid Cash Cards: 4% of Transaction Amount + Service Tax

9. Make Payment

10. Once payment is done successfully, you will get tax receipt:




Note: There is 5 -10 % discount on tax amount if you pay tax by June end. Check PMC website for more details.