Trip to Mahableshwar 2018


Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in Maharashtra forested Western Ghats range, south of Mumbai. There are list of points to view named by British’s with some history around each. Colorful boats dot Venna Lake, while 5 rivers meet at Panch Ganga Temple to the north.

Recommended Min and Max stay:

I would say you need minimum 2 days and maximum 4 days as there are plenty of options to see. It all depends how you want to plan things.

Route and Time taken to Travel:

There is 1 mode of transport:

By Road:  Pune to Mahableshwar ( 125 KM)

Time Taken : 3 hrs 15 minutes from Pune

Best Places/Points in and around Mahabaleshwar:

Elephant head

Lodwick point

Arthur’s Seat

Wilson Point (Sunset point)

Elphinstone point

Castle rock Point

Savitri Point

Table land point

Parsi point

Mapro garden

Lingmala Waterfall

Panch Ganga and Krishnabai temple

Pratapgad fort

Mahabaleshwar Entry Tax:

INR 50/- (For Car); Entry tax: INR 20/- per person Forest tax: INR 15/- per person

Panchgani tax :

Pachgani Entry tax
INR 50/- (For Car); Entry tax: INR 20/- per person

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