How to get website in google search result

Google search engine:

Google is a search engine that go through each website and collects information about it and stores it in database.
Then google search algorithm decides which page is most relevant for searched text and displays it first and so on.

Search Engine Result page consist of 3 sections:
1. Text ads that relates to word.
2. Right hand column again contains text ads
3. Actual listing of web page.

Adding your website to google so that google SEO displays it:

  1. First check whether your site is already indexed by google or not.
  2. For that type – into google search box.
  3. If google lists your website pages then it is already indexed and it will continue to do it.
  4. If not then submit it here takes 8-10 days for google to index it.

How to improve the ranking of your website in google search:

  1. First option is pay to google for ads and they show your website on top.
  2. There are multiple factors that google take into it:
    • Keywords used in your content
    • How many other sites refers your site
    • Age and expiry of domain
    • Website url structure
      • eg. is better than
    • Internal Link Structure of website – should be easy to navigate
    • Outbound Links
    • Bounce Rate should be less

There are few more parameters to be added.



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