How to download Agreement/ Index-II

There is a website which gives information about Index II. Information on this website is owned, maintained and updated by : Dept. Of Registration & Stamps,Maharashtra.

What is Index II
Index II is publicly available document with following important details in it:
1] type of the agreement
2] flat number or home number with survey number of the land
3] names both the parties (seller, buyer)
4] deal price (compensation), ready recliner price (market price)
5] date and time of agreement and date and time of registration of the agreement
6] paid stamp duty, and paid registration amounts

How to get IndexII online

Go to website
Enter user ID, password and captcha.
Click on login button.

Note : If you have not created account on website then click Mobile number used while creating account is required to receive OTP (one time password).


  1. Click  Search by Document Details on left panel (Highlighted above)
  2. Select Registration Type
  3. Select District
  4. Select State revenue office(SRO) where u did the registration
  5. Select Year in which registration was done.
  6. Enter the document No.(It is dastak kramank.. 4 digit number)
  7. Click on Index II Details button.
  8. Enter Payment Details/echallan Details. It includes GRN number, GRN amount and DepartmentID.( If you have not made payment. Click new Payment option and make a payment the payment as per requirement)
  9. Click on Submit- It will show Index2 information in below section.
  10. Clicking Request Document u will get Document Search ID and using Download Document option and providing document search id you can get the document.

Making a Payment:

User need to select “Make new Payment” option from the left panel.

For Search by property number,minimum fee for search is Rs.300.
For Document download,fee for single file download is Rs.100.
For Search by document,fee for single Index II view is Rs.25.
Please ensure you have sufficient balance on GRAS Challan to avail above services.
Amount of two challans will not be clubbed together for availing above services.

References: (Paid Service)


Index 2 property document download/How to download index II of registered agreement and sale deed.

How to get Certified copy of Index II?
User will not get certified copy online. For certified copy, please contact concern SRO office.



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