Sajjangad is a popular place of pilgrimage.

Much before it began to attract pilgrims with their inherent faith in Samarth Ramdas Swami, Sajjangad was known as a historically important hill-fort considered as originally of the Shilaharas but re-built by the Bahamanis in the mid-15th century. The fort and the ‘samadhi’ of Samarth Ramdas Swami have been maintained by the Ramdas Swami Sansthan.


Sajjangad is at a distance of around 18 kilometers from Satara.




Those visiting the temple are served ‘prasad’, which is almost a complete meal, at fixed hours during the afternoon and evening. Visitors planning for a longer stay can avail of the free lodging facility in the ‘dharmashala’ built by the Ramdas Swami Sansthan, which runs with the help of donations from visitors. The fort is open from 5.30 am to 9 pm and entry and exit beyond these hours is restricted. Along with its spiritual and historical ambience, Sajjangad also offers a picturesque vista and is a preferred spot for photographers who often capture the sight of the Urmodi Dam and its catchment area. Moreover, the monsoon and the few days proceeding this season is the best period to absorb the true beauty of this place when it turns a deep green and sprouts impromptu waterfalls.

Near by Places to visit:

  • Thoseghar water fall
  • Chalkewadi Windmills
  • Kas lake

Thoseghar Waterfall

Thoseghar Waterfall:

This is one of the best place to visit in rainy season and after that.You can see 2-3 waterfalls there.
This place is around 20 km from satara city.

Route from Pune/Mumbai:
From Mumbai -> pune -> Katraj -> Shirwal -> check for satara exit on the right-> Go inside Satara -> Ask for Sajjangad road
You will reach near a tunnel.The road on right goes to kaas plateau.

The road on the left through the tunnel goes to Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill farms.



Best time to visit
During the months of July, August and September.

Other places to visit:

  1. Sajjangad
  2. Bamnoli village for boating in Shivsagar (Koyna) Lake (10 km ahead from Kas)
  3. Chalkewadi windmills

Thinks to remember:

  • Best time to visit in rainy season till october.
  • In rainy season you can expect crowd so better plan your spots.

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Kaas Plateau Satara

Kaas Plateau:
The Kaas Plateau is around 23 kilometers from Satara city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were you can see a wide variety of flowers – more than 800 different species – during the months of  August and September.

Official website:

Route from Pune/Mumbai:
From Mumbai -> pune -> Katraj -> Shirwal -> check for satara exit on the right-> Go inside Satara -> Ask for kaas road
You will reach near a tunnel.The road on right goes to kaas plateau.This road steadily climbs and reaches a plateau. After driving for around 15-20 kilometres, you will come to a wide plateau.

The road on the left through the tunnel goes to Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill farms.



Thoseghar & Sajjangad road


Best time to visit:
During the months of August and September.

1. Go to website

2. Scroll below where there is form to register by paying Rs.50 per person on weekdays and Rs.100 per person on Saturday/Sunday and govt holidays.



  • Leave early in the morning to reach early to avoid traffic.
  • Leave early to avoid parking problem.

Kaas Plateau latest photos/ Kaas September 2016

kaas3 kaas2 Kaas1

Rajgad Fort

Rajgad Fort:
Rajgad was earlier called Murumdev fort, it was capital of the Maratha Empire during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years, after which he moved the capital to Raigad Fort.

The distance of Rajgad fort is around 60km from Pune and 210 km from Mumbai.




1,400 m (4,600 ft) above sea level.

Best season:
Starting in mid August which continues uptill mid-January

Difficulty Level:

There are many different ways to reach Rajgad;

1.From Gunjawane village
2.From Pali village
3. From Bhutonde village ( Bhor route)

One of the most frequently trekked routes is from Gunjavane Village via the Chor Darwaja to Padmavati Machi which takes around 2.5 hours.
It takes around 3- 3.5  hrs for begineers

What to see:
Sanjeevani machee
Padmavatee machee
Suvela machee
Pali Darwaja
Padmavati temple
Torna fort view

Things to carry:

How to reach:
Bus service


Stay / Food Option:

Wet N Joy Water Park Lonavala

Wet N Joy:

‘Wet N Joy’ water park lonavla is a new water park with 36 varied points for fun ride, eating and rest inside which is developed by Malpani group in Lonavala after Shirdi (Nasik). This park is now open to is India’s biggest wave park, beautifully made beside wide landscapes surrounded by greenery and mountains for family, adults and kids.

Also called ‘Magic Mountain Amusement Park’


Distance of this water park is 53 km from pune and 87 km from Mumbai.

Min and Max : 1 Day

Route And Time taken:

  1. Pune -> Aundh -> wakad -> Old Pune Mumbai highway
  2. Address: Old Mumbai Pune highway, Near Karla, Post Kamshet, Pune, Maharashtra 410405
    Phone:096572 34444





Ticket prices

Adult Child Sr. citizen Group
Weekdays 990/- 690 690 0-24
Weekends 1190/- 890 890 0-24
Weekdays 910 635 635 25-49

Discount 5%

Weekends 1095 820 820 25-49
Weekdays 870 610 610 50 – above

Discount 10%

Weekends 1075 785 785 50 – above


Locker 200/- (100 rent and 100/- deposit)


Costumes 350/- (200 rent and 150/- deposit)


Family Rides:

Disko H2O
Your space to be wet and wild

Area for Family: 2077 Sq ft
Ladies Area : 936 Sq ft
With butterflies in your stomach, see the world upside down

Ride Length: 369 ft
Ride Height: 47 ft

Where life comes a full circle and leaves you wanting for more

Ride Length: 132 ft
Ride Height: 47 ft
Rattle along for never felt sensations

Ride Length: 429 ft
Ride Height: 40 ft

Royal Castle
Countless rides, innumerable surprises and lifetime of memories

Mat Racer
A bumpy race where you have nothing to lose

Ride Length: 222 ft
Ride Height: 47 ft

Lazy River
Laze your way through the meandering river

River Length: 984ft

Thunderr Waves
When you can’t stop the waves, learn to surf

Area Under water: 46339 Sqft
Beach Area: 12518 Sqft

Kids rides

A world of wonders for kids, as they love it the most

Pool Area : 4747 Sq ft

Royal Castle
Countless rides, innumerable surprises and lifetime of memories

Thrill rides

You won’t see what’s coming your way

Ride Length: 410 ft
Ride Height: 47 ft
Xtreme Volcano
Rippling waves, loads of fun and a curling you!

River Length: 591 ft
Area: 12,000 litres
Coaster Blaster
Double the fun! Make it quadruple instead!

Ride Length: 694 ft
Ride Height: 51 ft

A sudden competitor, an unexpected race

Ride Length: 165 ft
Ride Height: 59 ft
Sky Fall
A never ending slide for splash of fun

Ride Length: 324 ft
Ride Height: 68 ft
Free Fall
A surprise 90 degree hump from 69 ft

Ride Length: 313 ft
Ride Height: 69 ft

Park Timing:

10AM to 6PM

Wet N Joy water park Review:

  1. Wave pool  is big as advertised and is good place to enjoy.
  2. Water park area is  big so large no. of people can stay settle easily.
  3. Food is average quality & will cost you Rs.  150-190/-
  4. Slides without mat may lead to injury so be cautious during those rides
  5. Good onetime experience.

Reviews from friends who visited:

  1. Some of them got skin burns not sure it was due to excessive chlorine (chlorine burns) or due to day being too hot.
  2. Slide mats are small

North India tour from Maharashtra Pune

Below is the list of states that will be covered in North India tour:

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Gujarat
  3. Rajasthan
  4. Delhi
  5. Uttar pradesh
  6. Himachal Pradesh
  7. Madhya pradesh

Day-wise journey

Day 1:

Pune -> Alandi -> Chakan -> Nashik -> Trimbakeshwar ( 300 km) (Stay)

Day 2:

Trimbakeshwar -> Nashik -> Vani -> Surat -> Nilkantheshwar mandir

Day 3:

Nilkantheshwar mandir -> Vadodara -> Dakor ( 450 km) 2:30 PM

Day 4:

Dakor ( 5 am) -> Rajkot -> Dwarka (500 km)

Day 5:

Dwarka -> Somnath temple

Day 6 :

Somnath Temple ->  Junagad -> Girnar

Day 7:

Girnar parvat -> stay

Day 8:

Towards Rajasthan




Imagica Snow Park

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Imagica Snow Park:

Snow Park brings to life the snow experience at sub-freezing temperatures. It is one-of-its-kind indoor real snow based theme park that gives a fun and a relaxing experience to its entries. Covering an area of 15,000 sq. ft., it is one of India’s largest snow parks.

The distance from Pune to Imagica Snow Park is around 92 KM and from mumbai it’s around 70 KM. 

Min and Max : 45 minutes session

Route And Time taken:

There are 2 ways to reach Aqua imagica:

  1. Old Pune Mumbai highway -> khopoli exit- > Aqua magic
  2. Express highway -> Take extreme left from Khalapur toll-> Aqua magic

It takes around 2 hours from Pune via Express Highway. There is toll of 146/- on expressway.

Ticket prices
Regular ticket @ 499
Experience the joy of snow in the summer at India’s Largest Snow Park.

Add-On ticket @ 399
Save Rs 100 when you buy Snow Park tickets with Theme Park / Water Park.
Just Book a ticket to Imagica Theme park/Water Park and select Snow Park tickets from the add on options.

Limited lockers are available at rent of 50/-.

Dress Code and there prices:
Snow jacket, a pair of gloves, boots and earplugs will be provided to you during the gearing up time before you enter the snow zone!
They are included in ticket cost.
Visitors must ensure that they carry socks for themselves.

Snow Basketball
Snow slides
Real Snowfall
Toboggan rides
Snow Dance Floor
Snow Hiking
Snow Mountain Climbing
Snow Castle

Thinks to remember:
-Tickets can be purchased 24 hrs prior online.
-Ticket include boots, jackets and gloves on a rental basis and access to all attractions and activities inside the park.Lockers at 50 rent.
-Charge 50/- for camera

Snow Park Timings:

Time slots

10 AM – 10.45 AM
11 AM – 11.45 AM
12 PM – 12.45 PM
1 PM – 1.45 PM
2 PM – 2.45 PM
3 PM – 3.45 PM
4 PM- 4.45 PM
5 PM – 5.45 PM
6 PM – 6 45 PM


  1. Snow Park experience was good as it was our first time.
  2. There was crowd as it was weekend. They should limit the number of people per session so that people can enjoy more or else can increase the time slot.
  3. Snow was clean but snow suit/gears were not that clean.
  4. The area were you are supposed to wear suit is small.

Pune to shirdi Trip

Shirdi is best known as the late 19th century home of the popular guru Shirdi Sai Baba.
Shirdi has railway station called “Sainagar Shirdi”, which became operational in March 2009

Shani the son of Sun (Surya) is famous God in Shinganapur. A specialty of Shinganapur is there are no doors to the houses. Shri Shani Dev protects people from thieves. Shanishinganapur is one more
religious place in Ahmednagar Dist.

Water Park:
The “Wet N Joy” water park at Shirdi is a great family amusement park for the pilgrims who come for darshan of Shree Sai Baba. Wet N Joy provides you a full day of fun for the entire family,
friends or corporate group. It includes one of the biggest wave pool, thrilling ride from 45 feet water slide ,rain dance and much more along with the nice food.
Location : 15 min walking distance from Saibaba Temple.  This Water Park is developed by Malpani Group.

Distance from pune to shirdi 205 km.
Distance from pune to Ahmednagar 120 km.
Distance from Ahmednagar to shirdi 85 km.
Distance from Mumbai to shirdi is 296 km.

Duration Of Stay:
Min 1 day
Max 3 days

Route and time taken:
By Road

Pune -> wagholi -> shikrapur -> Ranjangoan -> shirur -> Supe -> Ahmednagar
-> take bypass road -> Rahuri -> shirdi

By Car it takes 3 and half hour.

There are buses available from Pune shivajinagar to shirdi. They take around 5 hrs to reach shirdi.

By Train
Nearest railway station from Shirdi is Sainagar, Shirdi and is 2 km away.
Kopergaon railway station is 16 km away from Shirdi.
Manmad railway station is around 55 Km from Shirdi.
Ahmednagar railway station is around 90 km away from Shirdi.KSRTC

click here for train details.




Spot to Visit:
Shirdi Temple
Shani Shinganapur
Water Park

Details if any:

Aarti Timings

04:00 AM Temple Open
04:15 AM Bhupali
04:30 AM Kakad Aarti
05:05 AM Mangal Snaan
05:45 AM Darshan begins in Samadhi Mandir
08:00 AM Satyanarayan Poja
09:00 AM Abhishek
10:30 AM Satyanarayan Poja
11:30 AM Dhuni Pooja with Rice and Ghee in Dwarkamai
12:00 PM Mid Day Aarti
1:30 PM Satyanarayan Poja
04:00 PM Pothi (Devotional Reading/Study) in Samadhi Mandir
At Sunset Dhoop Aarti
08:30 -10.00 PM Devotional Songs in Samadhi Mandir & Cultural Programmes (if any)
09:00 PM Chavadi and Gurusthan Closes
09:45 PM Dwarkamai (the upper part) closes
10:30 – 10:50 PM Shej Aarti,
11:15 PM Samadhi Mandir closes after night Arati

Hotel info:
Rooms are available in bhaktaniwas from 125/- to 500/- (Non AC)
click here for more details.

Cost of Trip:
Meals- 1000/-
Petrol – 1850/-
Parking – 70/-

Things to remember:

–No mobile phones allowed in temple
-Try to reach early on weekends as there is lot of crowd.
-Darshan passes are available online for 200/- per person here. Check it.
– Check the aarti timings above.

Narayanpur and prati balaji temple ketkawle

Narayanpur is a famous place in Pune region. Narayanpur is famous for their Lord Ek Mukhi Datta. Usually lord Datta has 3 faces but in Narayanpur there is Ek Mukhi Datta. The statue of Lord Ek Mukhi Datta is very beautiful.

Prati balaji temple ketkawle
Prati Balaji- is Replica of the Tirupati Balaji at Ketkawle village near pune. Very beautiful place to visit.Balaji Temple. Uttara Foods, the manufacturer of Venky’s Foods have built this impressive Balaji Temple. The temple gives a good feel of famous south indian temples.

Distance from Pune to Ketkawle temple is 40 km via Katraj ghat.
Distance from Hadapar to Ketkawle temple is 42 km via Saswad
Narayanpur to Ketkawle temple is 10 KM.

Duration of Stay:
Min: 3hrs to 4 hrs are enough if you go early morning.
Max: 1 day

Route and Time taken:
If staying around hadapsar, saswad road
Hadapsar -> Divya ghat -> Saswad -> Take right -> Narayanpur -> after 10 km -> Ketkawla on left.

Another Route: 40km
Reach Katraj -> Khed shivapur -> Nasrapur -> kapurhol -> take left for saswad road -> ketkawla -> narayanpur



We reached there by 8.30. Cleaning staff keeps on cleaning/washing the temple and the premise, keeping it very clean. The temple is very well constructed and the entire design is been carved out of wood and stone. The Laddo Prasad is tasty too, which you get it for free!

Finished the Darshan, had the Prasad we moved on to the Datta Temple. Though small the temple was good. The Datta Idol was impressive. We spent some time sitting there and relaxing and then started our journey back.

Things to remember :

  • Beautiful place to visit in and after rainy season. Try to reach in the morning.
  • Check timing of aarti. I guess around 10:30 am they have aarti.
  • Can also visit Baneshwar near Nasarapur.

Cost of Trip:
Car – 400/-
Breakfast -100/-