Trip to Lavasa city from Pune


Lavasa is a private,planned city being built near Pune.

A 25,000 acres or 8,000 acres project being developed by HCC,this as-yet-incomplete city has been controversial for multiple reasons including procurement of land,harm to the environment,and loans acquired through political corruption.
Lavasa Hill City is free India’s first and largest hill city with a sprawling township spread across the 7 hills of the Mose valley. The area is quite close to the major cities of Pune and Mumbai.


Distance between Pune to Lavasa is 65 Kms from Pune and about 200 Kms ( 3.5 hrs) from Mumbai.



Route and time taken:

Hadapsar -> Deccan -> Kothrud -> Chandni Chowk -> Pirangut (left turn) -> Lavasa via (Temghar dam).

There is another route where we need to take left before Pirangut however not sure about road condition.

It is just 1 and half hrs drive from Pune.

Duration Of Stay:
Min – Max : 1 Day – 1.5 Day

Places to Visit:

  1. Lake and beauty of valley
  2. Lava city
  3. Xthrill Adventure Academy for activities like paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, trekking and lots more.
  4. Lakeshore Watersports
  5. Games Arcade for games like  Neo arcade, Electronic darts and Photo play at Neo Spark


From Lavase gate city is 7-8 km. it took around1. 5 hrs to reach the city. There is grand entery gate. No entry fees  required.
There is big japnese garden on left of the road. There is boating point as well. They charge 100/- for  parking. We carried lunch so did not had look for meal options. Reached Pune around 8:30 PM.

Things to Remember:

  • Meals and Accommodation here are expensive.
  • x thrill adventures like rappelling, cycling, trekking 500/- plus.
  • Better to carry lunch if possible.
  • Good to visit in rainy season and after that..
  • Just to give you an idea.. Meal  around 450/-, pizza – 400/-, samosa 30/-, tea- 30/-

Cost of Trip:
Car – 650/-
Parking -100/

Citibank interview questions for experienced – dotnet

This questions were asked in Citibank Pune 2016.

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Why to use abstract classes?
  3. What are interfaces?
  4. What is polymorphism?
  5. ref vs out
  6. Why c# supports single inheritance
  7. Why to use Var
  8. Design patterns used in project
  9. How to create singleton class?
  10. Is it thread safe?
  11. Why to use object for lock? Can we use integer class?
  12. lock vs Monitor vs Mutex?
  13. Explain MVVM pattern
  14. Prism Framework
  15. How to get second higest salary of an employee
  16. Real time example of Mutex?

Varian Medical System Interview Questions for experienced – Dotnet

1.  What is difference between Abstract class and Interfaces
2. What is virtual and override
3. What is Dependency injection? Use in your project
4. What is prism? Any other framework that you used like prism.
5. What is Extensible framework?
6. How to load assembly without using reflection
7. Have you created any custom controls? How to create them?
8. What are Dependency Properties?
9. How the hierarchy/Precedence is picked.. Say Style has background color = Red and control background color is set to white.
10. What are content template?
11. How to add edit button inside List Box?

Cognizant Interview Questions for experienced – Dotnet

Cognizant follows systematic interview process. They calls candidate between required experience range for dotnet, java and other technologies.

  1. Once you reach there office. They collect your resume along with Photo.
  2. You need to mention technology.
  3. Calls candidate based on in time.
  4. 1-2 rounds of technical interview.

Interview questions for dotnet candidate:

They divided the interview into 4 categories:

  1. OOPS
  2. .NetFramework and C#
  3. WPF
  4. DataBase and Agile

Difference between Abtraction vs Encapsulation
What is Polymorphism
Interface vs Abstract.When to use what
Same method in interface, how to implement and call it.
Use of static constructor?
virtual and override keyword

what is use of new keyword
when to use yield
Delegates VS Events
what are Generics
Extensionmethod – with example
Finalize vs Dispose- which handles managed/unmanaged code.

What are Dependency Properties?
Attached properties
Static resource vs Dynamic resource
There is tabcontrol and we have 2 different controls inside it. Now how to load control at run-time. -DataTemplate Selector
DataTemplete vs Control Template
Type of Bindings

Agile and Database
What is Scrum
Retrospective meeting
SCrum of Scrum?

What is Self Join? SQL query for it.

Points to think about

एक तरुण आई डायनिंग टेबलापाशी बसून चिंतीत झाली होती . कारण नेहमीचेच . मार्च एंड असल्यामुळे इनकम ट्एक्स भरणे भाग होते . घरातील सर्व कामे तर करायचीच होती वर उद्या होळीच्या निमीत्ताने बरेच पाहुणे जेवायला येणार होते .
या सगळ्या गोष्टींमुळे ती त्रस्त झाली होती .
जवळच तिची १० वर्षांची मुलगी आपली वहीत काहीतरी लिहीत होती . तिने मुलीला विचारले .
मुलगी म्हणाली ” आज teacher नी होमवर्क दिला आहे. विषय आहे ‘negative thanks giving ‘ .आणि सांगितले आहे की अशा गोष्टींवर निबंध लिहा ज्या आपल्याला सुरूवातीला आवडत नाहीत पण नंतर आवडायला लागतात ”
आईनं आश्चर्य व्यक्त करून वही बघायला घेतली . बघुया आपल्या मुलीने काय लिहीलय
मुलीने लिहीलं होतं
– मी माझ्या वार्षिक परिक्षेला धन्यवाद देते कारण त्या नंतर उन्हाळी सुट्टी चालू होते ..
– मी त्या सर्व कडू आणि खराब स्वादाच्या औषधांना धन्यवाद देते कारण त्या घैतल्यावरच माझी तब्येत चांगली होते.
– मी गजराच्या घड्याळाला धन्यवाद देते कारण पहाटे पहाटे तेच मला मी अजूनही जिवंत असल्याचे सांगत असते .

वाचता वाचता आईच्या मनात विचार आला की अरे माझ्याकडे पण अशा अनेक गोष्टी आहेतच की ज्यांच्या साठी मी धन्यवाद व्यक्त करू शकते .
विचार करता करता खूप बाबी समोर आल्या
” income tax द्यावा लागतो याचाच अर्थ सुदैवाने माझ्याकडे चांगल्या पगाराची नोकरी आहे .”
” घरी भरपूर काम कराव लागत म्हणजेच माझ्याकडे एक घर , एक हक्काचे आश्रयस्थान आहे ..”
” सणासूदीला मला खूप माणसांसाठी जेवण बनवावे लागते म्हणजेच माझ्या कडे भरपूर नातेवाईक आहेत जे माझ्या सुख दुःखाचे साथीदार आहेत .”
गोष्टीचे तात्पर्य
प्रत्येक गोष्टीकडे बघण्याचा दृष्टिकोन महत्त्वाचा ..
चला आपणही असाच positive attitude ठेऊन आपल्या आयुष्यातील प्रत्येक दिवस सोनेरी बनवूया.

Vani (Saptashrungi) and Trimbakeswar

Saptashrungi is a site of Hindu pilgrimage situated 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Nashik in west Indian state of Maharashtra in India. According to Hindu traditions, the goddess Saptashrungi Nivasini dwells within the seven mountain peaks. (Sapta means seven and shrung means peaks.) It is located in Nanduri, Kalwan taluka, a small village near Nashik in India. Devotees visit this place in large numbers every day. The temple is also known popularly as one of the “three and half Shakti Peethas” of Maharashtra.

Trimbakeshwar or Tryambakeshwar is an ancient Hindu temple in the town of Trimbak, in the Trimbakeshwar tehsil in the Nashik District of Maharashtra, India, 28 km from the city of Nashik and 40 km from nashik road. It is dedicated to the god Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.Kusavarta, a kunda (sacred pond) in the temple premises is the source of the Godavari River, the longest river in peninsular India. The current temple was built by Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao (Nanasaheb).

Distance bewteen Pune to Nashik is 220 KM.
Nashik to Vani distance is – 65 KM
Nashik to Trimbakeswar is 32 KM

Total 630 KM

Duration Of Stay:
Minimum 1 day is required
Maximum 2 days. Stay at Trimbakeswar or Nashik

Route and time taken:

Hadapsar -> Kalyaninagar -> Vishrantwadi -> Chakan -> Rajguru Nagar -> Sangamner -> Sinner -> Nashik -> Dhonori -> Vani -> Sapta Shrungi -> Trimbakeshwar via Nashik -> Pune

It takes about 5 and half hours to reach sapta shrungi gad. Vani to Sapta shrungi gad is 22KM.(Halt of 40 mins).
Reached pune around 11:45 PM.


Spot to Visit:

  • Saptashrungi
  • Trimbakeswar
  • Nashik (We did not cover)

Details if any:
We started from Hadapsar around 6:40 AM by route mentioned above. Took halt at 8:15 am for breakfast.
Reached Sapta Shrungi at 12:15 PM. Darshan by 2 PM
Lunch 2-3 PM
Went to Trimbekeshwar by 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.
Started around 6 PM and took halt for dinner 9 – 10 PM.
Reached Pune at 11:45 PM.

Cost of Trip:
Car – 2900/-
Breakfast – 200/-
Lunch- We carried lunch
Dinner – 400/-

Things to remember:
-Pune Nashik road is 1 lane highway so overtaking is difficult especially in small cars.
-If you plan to go on some occasion/festival or long weekend, you can expect rush and traffic jams.

Konkan Trip – Kashid beach, Murud-Janjira and Harihareshwar

Kashid -Murud-Janjira-Harihareshwar

Kashid beach

Kashid is a beach town on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is located 30 km from Alibag and 135 km from Mumbai on the Alibag-Murud road. Kashid is popular mainly because of its white sand, blue seas, green mountains, paddy fields, and rivulets. Kashid has a 3 km stretch of beach tucked in between two rocky hillocks with Casuarina groves all along the seashore. This is by far the best beach in this part of the Konkan region and, though absolutely deserted on weekdays, the town can attract its fair share of week-end holiday makers. There are a few small hotels in Kashid as the rest of the area is privately owned. Best option to stay here to stay in cottages owned by local people.It costs 1000 Rs for a room on weekends. They offer konkani fish thali which is very sumptuous.

Murud-Janjira Fort
Murud-Janjira Fort is situated on an oval-shaped rock off the Arabian Sea coast near the port town of Murud, 165 km (103 mi) south of Mumbai. Janjira is considered one of the strongest marine forts in India. The fort is approached by sailboats from Rajapuri jetty.The main gate of the fort faces Rajapuri on the shore and can be seen only when one is about 40 feet (12 m) away from it. It has a small postern gate towards the open sea for escape.

Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district, in Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by four hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri. The river Savitri enters the Arabian Sea from the town of Harihareshwar. Towards the north of the town is the temple of Lord Harihareshwar, said to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. Hence Harihareshwar is often referred to as Dev-ghar or “house of God”.

Besides a major pilgrimage center, Harihareshwar is a popular beach resort with two beaches, one to the north and the other to the south of the temple. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has a resort on the south beach. Harihareshwar, along with Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach forms a popular weekend beach destination from Pune (190 km) and Mumbai (210 km).

Distance between Pune to Alibag is 145 km. pune to kashid distance is  185 km Alibag  Kashid disance is 40 Km. Kashid Murud distance 20 kM.
Rohini port to Harihareshwar is 50 km.

Total distance – 500km

Duration Of Stay:
Minimum 2 days are required
Maximum 3 days are enough.

Note: If you are planning to visit other beaches like devaghar, shrivardhan and more.. more time will be required.

Route and time taken:
Hadapsar -> Old Highway -> Lonavla -> khopoli exit -> Khopoli -> Pen -> Alibhag -> Kashid.
Kashid-> Murud -> Janjira fort -> Shrivardhan (By boat) -> Harihareshwar.

Return: Harihareshwar -> Shrivardhan -> Mhasala -> Tamini ghat -> Mulshi -> Pirangut – > Pune (175 km)

It took around 5 and half hours to reach Kashid including 45 mins halt.



Spot to Visit:

  • Kashid beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Janjira fort
  • Harihareshwar temple
  • Harihareshwar beach and site seeing.
  • Water sports at Kashid beach.

Day 1:
1. We started from Hadapsar around 8:30 AM by route mentioned above. Took halt after Pen for lunch.
2. After reaching kashid we just checked-in to hotel,got fresh and went to see janjira fort. There will be entry charges and parking charge that u need to pay there.
3. Took boat ticket(25/- per person). Saw fort and after that went to Murud beach. Had dinner there(Thali’s are available there) and returned to Kashid.

1.Got up early and went to beach around 6:15 am. Had long walk. Enjoyed water and climate.
2.Went back, got ready and checked out to go to Harihareshwar
3. After murud there is Agardanda port from where there is option of ferry (ship in which we can load car) and reach other end i.e., near Dighi Port insteading of travelling by road. They charge 140/- for car and 20 per person.
4. Reached Harihareshwar around 2 pm. Went to mandir and sites near by. Had luch there.
5. While returning came by Tamini ghat. It was raining heavily that day.
6. started around 4: 30 pm and reached pune around 10 pm.


Friends Holiday

Cost of Trip:
Hotel – 2000/- (2 rooms 1 day)
Car – 2500/-
Meals -1300/-
Boat/Ship charges – 300/-

Things to remember:
1. Boat to Janjira fort may not be available in rainy season.
2. Ships that carry cars are available on hourly basic. However timings keep changing so confirm once you reach there.
3. Don’t go deep into water as beaches may not be safe.

Online Verification of statement of marks & Certificate(SSC & HSC)

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune 

courtesy -

Established in 1965
The Board conducts the HSC and SSC Examinations twice a year in the state of Maharashtra
It has 9 Divisional Boards located at Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nasik, Kolhapur, Amravati, Latur, Nagpur and Konkan

MarkSheet is a web portal for online verification of statement of marks as well as certificate for SSC(10th) & HSC(12th) for seamless delivery of information / services to its stakeholder like students, colleges, employers etc. in the state of Maharashtra. It is designed and developed by Software Development Unit, NIC, Pune in collaboration with state board.

eMarkSheet is a Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Citizen (G2C) service delivery to make academic recrods online. It is helpful for online marksheet verification. It also helps to access composite depository and to check the authenticity of SSC & HSC marksheets.

The main advantage of the system, is that the records will be preserved digitally and most importantly, the system will be more useful to colleges during the admission period as they can log on to the website to verify marksheet for their record and also when students apply for jobs, employers will be able to verify the applicants marksheets online on this portal.
How to verify marksheet ?

  1. Go to website – > click here
  2. Please Register for verifying SSC & HSC marksheet by clicking create new Account
  3. .OnlineRegistrationForMarkesheetVErification

4. Once successfully registered, Please use the Login credentials (Email Id and Password ) to Login

5. Enter Valid Exam No, Year, Session, Total Marks

6. The marksheet & certificate is also available in pdf format.

Maharashtra Examination Results 2016

Maharashtra Examination Results 2016:

Students should follow the official website link which is ( and here they will find their result for class 12th.

As of now below is notice on website
Results for the Exams conducted in 2016 have not been announced so far. Please look for the announcement at Exams Results Portal (

How to check Maharashtra Board 12th Class HSC result 2016

Step 1: Open the official website

Step 2: Click Higher Secondary (HSC) Results 2016 for 12th class.

Step 3: Enter your roll number or Father name/Mother Name First 3 Alphabat

Step 4: Click submit.

Step 5: Take a print of your mark sheet.

Click here To verify HSC results



Never give Up

ज्याने रचना केली त्याला सलाम


घरटे उडते वादळात
बिळा, वारूळात पाणी शिरते
कोणती मुंगी ? कोणतं पाखरू ?
म्हणून आत्महत्या करते ?

प्रतिकुल परिस्थितीत ही वाघ लाचारीने जगत नाही
शिकार मिळाली नाही म्हणून
कधीच अनूदान मागत नाही

घरकुला साठी मुंगी
करत नाही अर्ज
स्वतःच उभारते वारूळ
कोण देतो गृहकर्ज ?

हात नाहीत सुगरणी ला
फक्त चोच घेउन जगते
स्वतःच विणते घरटे छान
कोणतं पॅकेज मागते ?

कुणीही नाही पाठी
तरी तक्रार नाही ओठी
निवेदन घेउन चिमणी
फिरते का कोणत्या योजनेसाठी ?

घरधन्याच्या संरक्षणाला
धाऊन येतो कुत्रा
लाईफ इन्शुरन्स काढला का ?
अस विचारत नाही मित्रा

राब राब राबून बैल
कमाउन धन देतात
सांगा बरं कुणाकडून
ते निवृत्ती वेतन घेतात ?

कास्तकाराची जात आपली
आपणही हे शिकलं पाहिजे
पिंपळाच्या रोपा सारखं
पाषाणावर टिकलं पाहिजे

कोण करतो सांगा त्यांना
पुरस्काराने सन्मानित
तरीही मोर फुलवतो पिसारा
अन कोकिळ गाते मंजुळ गीत

मधमाशीची दृष्टी ठेव
फुलांची काही कमी नाही
मधाच्या पोळ्यासाठी मित्रा
कोणतीच रोजगार हमी नाही

घाबरू नको कर्जाला
भय, चिंता फासावर टांग
जिव एवढा स्वस्त नाही
सावकाराला ठणकाऊण सांग

काळ्या आईचा लेक कधी
संकटापुढे झुकला का ?
कितीही तापला सुर्य तरी
समुद्र कधी सुकला का ?

निर्धाराच्या वाटेवर
टाक निर्भीडपणे पाय
तु फक्त विश्वास ठेव
पुन्हा सुगी देईल धरणी माय

निर्धाराने जिंकु आपण
पुन्हा यशाचा गड
आयुष्याची लढाई
फक्त हिमतीने लढ👊

फक्त हिमतीने लढ👊